The Skipper has flexibility to customize the boat website, directly control which people are listed on the site as crew, schedule all events with the content & details behind the schedule, and assigning crew to the events.  In summary, Crew Manager works as follows  

  • Skipper orders Boat Website subscription online with annual or monthly term options
  • Skipper loads Crew Members (via spreadsheet CSV file upload or individually typed in Crew Manager admin panel).  Crew are optionally assigned to groups such as “Core Crew”, “All Posts” or custom groups the Skipper defines.
  • Skipper may designate any of the crew to be helpers and grants Skipper Rights to those selected.
  • Load the Season Schedule – All In One Calendar Events (with extra fields for race documents, uniform, waivers, etc.)  via spreadsheet CSV file upload, online import, copy events from other Crew Manager sites, or enter events individually in the Crew Manager admin panel
  • The Skipper sends the preformatted “New User Welcome” message to the crew.  This provides directions for setting their password, updating their profile and setting availability for scheduled events. 
  • Crew (or Skipper) sets “Availability” for each event – via Crew Manager menu items. The Skipper receives automatic email notification whenever a crew member changes availability for any event.
  • Skipper assigns each available crew member to a position (or the Skipper may set an automatic system assign crew option) – via Crew Manager menu items and may designate what to wear and who brings the beer for an event .
  • Automatic Email reminders are sent to Crew 48 hours (or other time as set by Skipper) in advance, with an optional long lead reminder selectable up to 9 days in advance
  • Go Sailing and win races!
  • Skipper records race results and posts commentary about the race, with an option to send an email with the results
  • If an Event must be cancelled (e.g. bad weather) the Skipper clicks a Cancel Event Immediately button. Crew scheduled for the event are immediately notified via email and optional text if the Crew selected to receive text..
  • Optional Crew Hide feature for a “closed visibility” model so only the Skipper sees crew members on the site

Additional Skipper Features

Fields are included in each Crew member’s profile to record mobile phone number, weight, World Sailing (ISAF) Sailor ID, World Sailing Sailor Classification, US Sailing Membership number, shirt size, jacket size and short size. The Skipper may also assign Crew to groups including the predefined groups Show Crew, Core Crew, All Posts and Retired plus custom group names the Skipper may define. Settings are available for the Skipper to enter One Design weight limits, and if the Helm weight should be included in the limit. These settings allow Skipper menu items to be used when the Skipper is logged in.

  • Regatta Weight Report – Allows Skipper to view & sum weights for crew assigned to an event. If One Design limits are entered, the amount under/over the limit is shown. Standby crew are shown in a separate list on the same page. It displays the World Sailing Category declared by each crew member. A button is available to automatically validate the World Sailing Classification for each Crew member using the World Sailing database. Links to member profiles for their county National Sailing Organization and World Sailing are provided.
  • Crew Shirt Size Report – When the Skipper needs to buy swag for the Crew, this report includes a matrix of shirt, jacket and short sizes for each crew member. The report may be run for the Core Crew, All Posts, Active and Inactive (Retired) groups.
  • Crew Position Assignment Report – A consolidated summary of Crew Position Assignments by calendar year is available. This report allows the use of category & tag filters to count people against positions for a season and displays a color coded matrix. It is helpful for Skippers who try to balance crew position assignments over a season.
  • Custom Reports – Crew profiles contain extra fields that may be enabled for Passport & Address, Emergency Data and Travel Data.  An Event report may also be displayed using available fields from the calendar events. The Skipper may generate a custom report including only the fields desired, and has the option to export a CSV file to use with Excel.
  • Skipper Send Email – Provides full featured email capability with custom email templates so the Skipper and Crew Administrators may compose and send messages to Crew associated with any event, custom groups set by the Skipper, or pre-defined groups all selected from a drop down menu. No need to look up crew email addresses for entry in your email program, or who is scheduled for a particular event.
  • Regatta Registration Status – This report is available from the Crew menu to help the Skipper keep track of those events registered, Crew responses and associated fee payments.  Automated reminders are sent 5 days in advance to the Skipper if a due date is entered for the fee_paid field. The Skipper may also enter registration and fee payment information.
  • Annual Smart Copy  – Smart Copy Events is accessible to the Skipper via the admin screen to allow copying selected events for the next season.  Events are advanced a selectable number of days to create a new identical event that may be edited for the next season.  This significantly reduces data entry to setup subsequent seasons.

Schedule Multiple Boats Owned by the Skipper – Some own multiple boats and want to coordinate schedule and crews using a single site. Through the use of Tags a Skipper may schedule multiple boats on the same site and easily track individual boat schedules

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