International Options for Boats Outside the US

International  Options are intended for Crew Manager subscribers outside the US.  These settings only need to be set once.  The menu allows the Skipper to select options for mobile phone number formats, text messages and date formats.  Crew Manager text messages utilize and email to SMS text gateway that all carriers in the US provide at no cost to their users.  Outside the US, not all mobile carriers offer this as a free service so the text feature in Crew Manager must be disabled. Date formats may be selected consistent with local standards (e.g. US – m/d/Y becomes AUS d/m/Y). Sites without International options selected default to the US standard so no changes are required.

  • User profiles are adjusted based on the International options selected. If enabled, a dropdown to select the mobile carrier country code is displayed, and the format of the saved mobile number displayed adjusts to that countries standards. Similarly the SMS texting options in a users profile are enabled (visible) or disabled (hidden) in a users profile. The label for the National Sailing Body (e.g US Sailing, Australia Sailing) and associated link is updated based on the country selected on the International Options page and defaults to US if no selection is made.
  • The Crew Roster displays the mobile number in the format for the country selected by each user, and defaults to US (401) 555-1212 if no format is selected. The SMS display check box is visible or hidden depending on the International Options select and defaults to visible if not selected.
  • Dates are displayed in the selected country standards using short form m/d or m/d/Y formats on the following – Calendar, Results, Regatta Registration Status, and popup displays on mouse over. Other pages use the long form date (January 2nd) with no format changes.
  • A date/time clock with the time zone as selected in Crew Manager Modify Settings is displayed on the desktop header for each site.
  1. If already logged in and in the WordPress Admin screen, proceed to step 4.
  2. Log in to your Crew Manager site as the Skipper if you have multiple logins. The Skipper menu will appear in the menu bar.
  3. Once logged in mouse over Skipper on the menu and click on WordPress Admin
  4. The WordPress Admin screen will load.  On the left side menu, mouse over Crew Manager and click on International Options. The following page opens:
  5. The following options are provided for selection.
    • Enable Mobile Carrier and Email to SMS Text – Using the Mobile Carrier Dropdown & SMS Text Enable Show or Hide options, Crew are provided in their user profile a dropdown to select their mobile carrier and check a box to optionally have emails converted to SMS text. This provides text messages in addition to email for event notifications, new posts and results sent. If set to hidden, the profile dropdown and checkbox are hidden and no email to SMS notifications are sent. Note: Mobile carriers in some countries (e.g. Australia as an example) lack no cost email to SMS gateways, thus preventing this feature from working. The default is Show.
    • Enable Mobile Carrier Country Selection – Using the Enable Mobile Carrier Country Selection Show or Hide options, Crew are provided in their user profile a dropdown to select their mobile carrier country. This formats the mobile phone display and prefixes the country code with the phone number for SMS texting. The default is Hide.
    • Set Boat Homeport Country – Using the Select Boat Homeport Country dropdown, various labels and parameters such as National Sailing Authority and associated links are updated based on the selection.
    • Adjust Day/Month Display Format – Using the Adjust Day/Month Display Format dropdown, select the day/month format desired for display on the various pages and emails generated by Crew Manager. The default is US m/d.
    • Adjust Day/Month/Year Display Format – Using the Adjust Day/Month/Year Display Format dropdown, select the Day/Month/Year format desired for display on the various pages and emails generated by Crew Manager. The default is m/d/y.
  6. When all the settings are as desired, click the blue button at the bottom labeled Save All Changes.
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