Communications Sent: The system executes the following communications:
  • Password Changed – Emails Administrator notifying crew member (name) changed their password
  • Crew Member Changes Availability – Emails Skipper notifying crew member (name) changed their availability for an event
  • An Event is Cancelled – Emails & Texts crew members immediately when an event is cancelled and updates the calendar showing it as cancelled
  • Event Reminder – Automatically sends email & text reminder of an event 48 hours (or as set by the Skipper) in advance to the crew assigned to that event.  
  • Crew posts a comment on Event or a Post – Automatically sends email & text to all crew when any crew member posts on the website.  Typically this might be post event comments, picture links, etc.
  • Regatta Fee Payment Due Reminder – Automatically Emails Skipper notifying that regatta fees are due in 5 days and an optional payment link if the Skipper recorded a date and link in the applicable fee payment fields for an event.
  • Notify Crew to Update Maybe to Yes or No – Emails crew when Skipper initiates send to update availability set as Maybe to Yes or No.
  • Regatta Payment Due Reminder – Emails the Skipper 5 days before the payment due date for a regatta registration payment
  • Skipper Send Email – Email sent with message to a selected group using the Skipper Send Email menu option
  • SMS Text to Crew – Manually initiated text message on a phone to the selected group using the SMS Text button available on Events and on the Crew Roster
  • Subscription Renewal Reminder – Automatic reminder email sent to the Skipper 5 days and 1 day prior to a Crew Manager site subscription expiration if the site has not already been renewed.
  • Email Send Status Report – Automatic email sent to the Skipper with the status report of any emails sent
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