Crew Position Summary Report

Crew Manager can produce a consolidated summary of Crew Position Assignments for a calendar year as a one page report. This report counts people by positions for a season and displays a color coded matrix. It is helpful for Skippers who try to balance crew position assignments over a season, or just to show who did what over the season.

  • The Skipper logs in and selects from the Skipper menu Crew Position Assignment Report
  • A date dropdown appears at the top and defaults to current year. Select the date, Category and Tag and display updates
  • A matrix is displayed on the screen with the column headings being each crew member’s display name. These are approximately a 45 degree angle so that more information may fit on the display
  • Each row displays the position name on the left. Positions with no assignments are not displayed.
  • The matrix shows the number of times a crew member was assigned a position during the calendar year, and sums all the assignments at the bottom. Events that were canceled are not included in the totals. The position of Not Assigned is not totaled. Any position assigned when Crew is Not Available is excluded from the totals.
    Color code shades are displayed with a legend at the top of the matrix. This is a linear comparison of quartiles (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) to easily see visual indicators for crew members and totals.

A report is displayed with the results similar to below. 

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