Regatta Weight Report

Crew Manager can store the weights (kilograms or pounds), National Sailing Authority IDs and World Sailing IDs for each crew member.  These may be used to generate a One Design report that sums crew weights and displays the Sailor Classification for each crew member.  The report may be run for any event.  Only the Skipper may see weights for crew assigned to an event. If One Design limits are entered, the amount under / over the limit is shown. Standby crew are shown in a separate list on the same page. It also displays the World Sailing Category declared by each crew member. A button is available to automatically validate the World Sailing Classification for each Crew member using the World Sailing database. Links are provided to the US Sailing and World Sailing profiles for each crew member.

Assuming you are already logged in as the Skipper, do the following to view a report.

  1. On the top menu, click the down arrow next to Skipper then click on Regatta Weight Report.
  2. Defaults to Current Year and One Design.  If another year or Event Category is desired, update the dropdowns for Year, optional filters for Event Category & Tag and the display refreshes.
  3. Select the desired event using Select Regatta for Report dropdown and the dis[play refreshes

A report is displayed with the results similar to below.  The declared sailor classification stored in a crew members profile is displayed.  When a crew member stores their World Sailing Sailor ID, the classification may be validated by checking the box and the display will show a Validating World Sailing status message .  It may take a couple of minutes for the World Sailing database to return the results and the display refreshes.


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