First Time Site Setup

Site Setup includes the following steps – click the links below open that step in a new window that you may close after completing the step.

    1. First Time Site Login with Password Reset
    2. Modify Settings – Set Site Options
    3. International Options for Boats Outside the US
    4. Edit Position Titles – Edit, Add & Delete
    5. Import Events – Loading the Schedule
    6. Import Crew – Loading Crew members
    7. Manage Groups – Email Lists, Other Groups & Skipper Defined Groups for Mail Lists
    8. Skipper & Admin Profile Options
    9. Notify Crew to Login, Update Profile & Set Availability
    10. Optionally customize the About, Photos & Links pages for your boat

Crew Manager has a number of one-time setup options with default settings that may be modified by the Skipper.  It also includes utilities to import crew lists and scheduled events with options to manage email lists used to notify Crew.  The setup options require saving the first time Crew Manager is used. 

Some may decide to change options later to better meet the needs of the Crew.  Examples of changes the Skipper might make in the future include:

  • Notification emails sent to Crew are scheduled for an event 48 hours in advance.  The Skipper may decide that time is too far in advance, or not soon enough.  The setting can be set to another value (e.g. 24 or 36 hours). An additional long lead time notification email may also be sent (default is turned off).  The long lead time notification is selectable from 1 to 9 days in advance.
  • The Skipper receives email notifications every time messages are automatically sent showing the number of emails transmitted for a particular event or post.  This might be useful in the beginning or when trying to localize a mail problem, but may not be desired after using Crew Manager for a while.  This notification may be disabled or enabled at any time.
  • The Skipper moves to another location or has another boat in a different time zone.  Not very common, but the plugin was designed so Skippers no matter where they are located may set their default time zone. If this is changed, the default time zone setting for the AI1EC plugin is automatically updated when the time zone is updated in Crew Manager.
  • The Skipper decides Crew position titles need to change, or needs to add another position that isn’t on the list.  The Skipper may update, add or delete the titles used for Crew position assignments.
  • The Skipper decides that Crew not available or not assigned a position should be displayed on the event calendar in addition to Crew available and assigned a position.
  • The Skipper has a Webmaster who is part of the crew and wants to include that person on the Crew roster.  Alternately, the Skipper might have a Webmaster who is not part of the Crew and does not want that person’s information displayed on the Crew roster.  There is a check box that allows hiding the WordPress administrator from the Crew roster and all lists.
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