Some Handy Tips for Events

Some Handy Tips for Events:

  • When entering a series (e.g. JYC Spring Series) make the first entry with the label JYC Spring #1. In the date chooser, once the start date and time are entered, check the Repeat box and setup “repeats every week”, then set the number of occurrences or the end date.  Save as draft, then you may edit each week and fill in the race number (JYC Spring #2, JYC Spring #3, etc.).
  • The Annual Calendar has an optional Skipper View that may be selected using radio buttons at the top of the page.  This view provide tools to easily change Tags & Categories for multiple events.  It also easily allows deletion  for multiple events at once.  The Skipper View is the most convenient place to Split and Edit or Split All events so that crew are automatically copied to the split events.  There are communications tools for each event to email crew and on phones also text messaging crew. 
  • Copying a previous event using Clone to Draft makes it easy to create a new entry without having to type the details. The date may be modified, and the title changed. If results are recorded on the event being copied.  Strip out the results in the new events, then enable crew emails again. Using Crew Manager Smartcopy will automatically strip out the information that needs to be manually removed when Clone to Draft is used.
  • When logged in as the Skipper, you may edit events from the front of the website. Click Calendar on the menu.  If you select the Skipper View in the Annual Calendar there are direct event edit links.  You may also mouse over the date badge on any view and the Edit link will be displayed that you may click on to edit that event.
  • Events that are imported using the Crew Manager Import Events option on the Admin menu have a custom field that link the copied event back to the event it was copied from.  This link is displayed in the custom filed named ‘transfer_custom_fields‘.  The data in that field looks something like ‘1-3166-Delete only if auto updates from original post are not wanted‘ and should not be modified.  This link enable the other custom fields to be automatically updated within an hour after the custom fields on the original event are updated.  The following custom fields are not updated automatically: ‘registered’, ‘fees_paid’, ‘race_results’, ‘race_results_link’, ‘series_results’, ‘series_results_link’, ‘transfer_custom_fields’, ‘_hide_crew_list’, ‘ai1ec_banner_image’
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