Remind Crew – Notify Maybe to Update Availability

Crew members may initially set their availability to Maybe for some events. As the season progresses the Skipper may want firm commitments so that other people may fill vacant spots and crew positions assigned. The menu item Notify Maybe to Update Availability is on the Skipper menu to identify individuals who have set availability to Maybe. There are filters to select by category (e.g. PHRF, One Design, All Categories) and for a date range with selectable start and end dates.  Once the categories and dates have been filtered as desired, the Skipper checks boxes for events a Crew reminder should be sent.  This is sent as an email to the designated Crew, and an optional SMS text message if the Crew opted to receive text messages on their profile. Assuming you are already logged in as the Skipper, do the following to send a reminder for designated Crew to update availability from Maybe to Yes or No.

  1. On the top menu, click the down arrow next to Skipper then click on Notify Maybe to Update Availability.
  2. The page opens and defaults to show all categories with dates filtered starting today through 30 days later. These may be changed, and the Select Event Category & Date Range button is clicked. The screen will refresh with the updated selections.
  3. There are Notify check boxes at the right of each event.  These may be selected in bulk using the Check All button at the top of the table.  Individual boxes may also be clicked.
  4. Once the desired boxes are checked, the floating Send Notification Email button is clicked.  This results in reminder emails being sent with events aggregated in a single email per person.  A summary email  is sent to the Skipper if the Skipper Notification Email is enabled on the Crew Manager Modify Settings page. A confirmation that emails were sent is also displayed on the page as shown below.

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