Uncanceling a Canceled Event

Skippers may have canceled an event that needs to be restored to the uncanceled state.  An event that is canceled undergoes the following changes to become canceled:

  • The title has Canceled: added as a prefix
  • The text content has This event is canceled added in the content
  • Optional text is added between blue tildes in the format ~ optional canceled text ~ in the content 

These changes may be reversed by manually editing a canceled event, or by using an option that automatically reverses the changes. To use the automatic feature:

  • The Skipper must be logged in and the canceled event opened to edit.
  • When the event is opened, there is a block in the upper right labeled Uncancel this Event
  •  Check the box labeled  Check to Uncancel, then click Update
  • Click the blue Update button below in the Publish box.
  • The screen updates and the uncanceled event is displayed after the screen update.

See picture below.

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