Crew Roster

Crew Roster provides a list of all crew members with full names, screen names, email and text messaging addresses to make it easy for crew to contact each other. Email addresses open the email application when clicked, the phone number opens the phone application when clicked and the text number opens the SMS text application when clicked. A Compose SMS Text to Crew button is available on phones to initiate an SMS text message prepopulated with the mobile numbers for the selected crew group.  Various crew groups may be selected. You must be logged in to see the crew roster.

  • Click down arrow on Crew then click Roster on desktops or the roster icon on a phone
  • If not logged in, screen prompts to log in with a direct link returning to the roster when logged in
  • A crew list is displayed by name with links for each individual’s email address and mobile phone number. If enabled by the Skipper, the SMS text address is displayed when the check box is clicked to Display SMS text Preferences.
  • Phones display icons with links for email , text address , and phone number 
  • Next to your name is a (click to edit) link that allows editing information in your profile. The edit profile link on a phone is the icon.
  • If enabled by the Skipper, an option check box is available to see SMS text messaging addresses when a crew member opts to receive text messages in their profile
  • You may view various group lists by clicking the dropdown, then clicking Select Group
  • A button at the bottom of the roster may be clicked to download a vCard file with all displayed in the selected group to your phone.  The downloaded file may be imported to your phone directory with the name, email address and mobile phone number.

Crew Roster – Desktop Display

Crew Roster – Display SMS Text Preferences Desktop Display

Crew Roster – Phone Display

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