Regatta Registration Status

Regatta Registration Status and crew availability responses may be viewed but you must be logged in.

  • Crew Menu – On menu (   ☰   icon on phone), click down arrow on Crew then click Regatta Registration Status 
  • If not logged in, screen prompts to log in with a direct link
  • The current year season is displayed by event for those events where the Skipper has registered or paid fees. Uncheck the boxes below the dropdowns to display all events and if desired canceled events too.
  • To select a different year, click the year dropdown and the screen auto updates. Optionally click on the Categories & Tags dropdowns to filter events
  • A list of the events by calendar year that the Skipper has scheduled is displayed showing the number of Crew responses, registration status and fee payment status (if the Skipper entered information to track registration and fee payments)

Regatta Registration Status – Desktop Display

Regatta Registration Status – Phone Display


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