The menu is formatted to display uniquely on desktops and mobile phones. 

Desktop Menu

The desktop menu provides access to all the Crew Manager features.  The menu is organized to provide limited information for those not logged in, and full information for crew logged in.  The menu has a hierarchical structure outlined below.  Items listed with an asterisk (*) require the crew member to be logged in to view the content.

  • Home – returns to the home screen
  • Calendar – displays the boat calendar
  • Boat – top level menu item
    • About (Boat Name) – Page that may be customized by the Skipper to display information about the boat. 
    • Photos – Page that may be customized by the Skipper so photo links and photos may be displayed.  
    • Results – displays list of race results
  • Crew – top level menu item
    • *Availability – allows crew to view and set availability for entire season
    • *Assignments – allows crew to see all events with crew and assignments for entire season, and allows setting availability 
    • *Regatta Registration Status – allows crew to see the entire schedule with the registration & payment status for each event along with the crew summary setting availability to Yes, Maybe or No for each event
    • *Roster – displays a crew roster with email & mobile phone numbers
  • Weather – displays an interactive® weather map and a button that toggles to a Radar view
  • Links – provides a page that may be customized by the Skipper with helpful links including organizations of interest, wind, weather, tides and a list of other Crew Manager sites
  • Support – top level menu item
    • Crew Manual – link to online Crew Manual
    • Skipper Manual – link to the online Skipper Manual
    • Documentation – link to Crew Manager documentation including the manuals and FAQs
    • Support Forum – link to support forum where questions about using Crew Manager may be asked
    • Report a Bug – link to report a bug found in Crew Manager
    • Request a Feature – link to request a feature to be incorporated in Crew Manager
  • Log In / Log Out – context sensitive menu item that changes depending on the logged in state.  Allows crew member to log in or log out of the site.

A typical Crew Manager site with the desktop menu annotated is displayed below.


Phone Menu

The phone menu automatically changes with content reformatted to display the most frequently used information.  The display may be scrolled down to see more content. Menu items most frequently used appear as icons with a full menu available using the bars on the top right.  Click on the  icon to open the full menu structure the same as the desktop.  The menu always remains at the top of the screen when scrolling.

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