Feature Incorporated: Send a Post to Selected Group

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Feature Incorporated: Send a Post to Selected Group

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Crew Manager was updated on 13 September 2020 making it easier to send a post to a group. Posts are displayed on the site's front page and may also be included in the slider by selecting Slider in the Categories box on the right of the Post edit screen.

At the top of the Post edit screen there is now a box labeled Email this Post that contains a dropdown to select an email group. That dropdown allows selection of the pre-defined group such as Core Crew, All Posts, etc. or any Skipper defined groups that have been created.

Skipper who is logged in and wants to send a post should:
  • Mouse over Skipper on the menu and click on WordPress Admin
  • Mouse over Posts on the left menu and click on Add New to create a new post, or All Posts to find the desired post. When an existing desired post is found mouse over it and click the Edit button
  • Create or Edit the post content & title and check any desired categories. Click the blue Publish or Update button as appropriate
  • When you are satisfied with the content, select the desired email group using the drop-down in the Email this Post box located in the upper right
  • Click the blue Update button and the post is sent
The picture below shows the post edit screen annotated with the areas described. An exploded view of the email group dropdown is shown for the J/109 Vento Solare site with both standard and Skipper defined groups. Also shown is the green Email is On email status indicator. If sending email were turned off in the Crew Manager Modify Settings screen, this would be a red Email is Off indicator. In order to send posts, email must be turned on.
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