How do I customize my site?

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How do I customize my site?

Post by admin » Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:34 pm

Existing Capabilities
The Skipper is able to create, edit and delete both posts and calendar events with the default privileges granted. Comments may also be created, edited and deleted.

Administrative Access to WordPress
In order to customize the website, additional Administrative privileges will be granted to the Skipper or a person designated by the Skipper. There is no charge for this. Additional Administrative privileges are not granted by default because someone who does not know what they are doing can "break" the boat's website. Additional privileges are required to create and edit pages, modify the menu, update sidebar widgets, change the header image, change colors and overall website layout.

A separate login account requiring a different email address from the Skipper email will be needed in order to setup this access. This is to make sure that inadvertent changes are not made to the site when the Skipper is logged in.

Technical Information
The boat website is built with WordPress using the Graphene theme and an associated child theme. WordPress is installed in a multisite configuration with each site as a subdomain. Plugins available to each site are installed on the main site and enabled over the network. This means that individual boat websites are restricted to use only those plugins installed and enabled over the network (e.g. individual users are unable to install additional plugins). This is to preclude incompatibilities and security risks. The following plugins are installed and enabled over the network for all sites: The installed plugins provide needed website functionality, or permit a convenient method to import data (e.g. Crew members).

The Graphene theme has been tailored and extensive testing done with Crew Manager to optimize the experience across various devices (PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android phone). Other themes are not allowed because specific Crew Manager functionality is built in the modified Graphene Child theme. Thus Crew Manager can not be be modified to use another theme. The Header image may be replaced with another image sized 1170px x 200px.

Restoring the Default Configuration
Should a site be "totally trashed" as a result of modifications, Crew Manager LLC has the ability to restore the default configuration. This is done without the loss of event data, posts or crew data. It will replace any theme modifications made and overwrite pages with the same name. This will be done once at no charge. There will be a charge for subsequent restorations to the default configuration.
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