Easily Cancel Events & Notify the Crew

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Easily Cancel Events & Notify the Crew

Post by admin » Thu Apr 23, 2020 10:39 pm

Skipper may need to cancel an event due to weather, confilcts or other circumstances, and notify crew scheduled about the cancellation. Crew Manager provides a Skipper the ability to do this from any calendar view at the click of a button. This may be done on a desktop, or phone when a Skipper is logged in. If the Skipper wants to cancel an event but not have emails sent notifying the crew, the Skipper may turn off sending emails using Crew Manager Modify Settings in the WordPress Admin screen accessible from the Skipper menu.

Each event displays to the Skipper a red button labled Cancel Event Immediately as shown in the picture below for a desktop display (similar displays are formatted for a phone). The Cancel Event Immediately button is clicked to start the event cancellation process.
cancel-event-cancel-button.png (499.57 KiB) Viewed 5075 times
After the Cancel Event Immediately button is clicked. a dialog box appears. This box permits the following:
  1. Click 'Cancel' to take no action - aborts the cancellation and returns to the calendar display
  2. Enter optional text to include in canceled event in addition to the automatically added text This event is canceled and click 'Ok', or
  3. Just click 'Ok' to cancel with no optional text added to the event
cancel-event-dialog-box.png (423.32 KiB) Viewed 5075 times
Once the dialog box is confirmed by clicking OK, the automatic cancellation process is started. The following is performed.
  1. The event subject is prefixed with Canceled:
  2. This event is canceled is added in bold red text to the event description
  3. Any text added in the dialog box optional text space is added to the event description as bold blue text
  4. The buttons for Submit Availability Change and Cancel Event Immediately are removed from display for that event.
  5. If emails are enabled, all crew scheduled for the event are notified via email (and text message if enabled in their crew profile) that the event is canceled.
  6. The Skipper receives an email report indicating that an event cancellation message was sent and displays who it was sent to.
cancel-event-display-after-cancel.png (532.21 KiB) Viewed 5075 times
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