Crew Manager as a Hosted Site Service – Effective January 2019

Crew Manager has transitioned from a stand-alone installation to a Multisite WordPress network installation.  The files below, while functional for stand alone WordPress installation are no longer supported and may be used “as is”.  There are many enhancements and bug fixes incorporated in the Multisite version offered in January 2019.  Sites are available as subdomains on the Crew Manager website and are available to order online with options for a monthly subscription, or as an annual subscription.

Documentation for the multisite installation is updated to reflect new features incorporated as a result of the 2018 beta testing.  Multisite installation documentation is maintained so that it is current with periodic Crew Manager updates that include feature enhancements and bug fixes as documented in the changelog link.   Similar to the documentation below, the updated documentation includes directions for the Skipper and another set of directions for the Crew.  The Skipper directions include site setup options that the Skipper may configure.  There is no longer a need for the install procedure, since it is built into the subscription service.

Crew Manager Documentation for Stand Alone Installation No longer supported

Current Crew Manager Release  – Stand Alone Installation No longer supported

These are Zip files that should be uploaded to the WordPress Plugins Directory

This contains two tables for the WordPress MySQL database that need to be imported on first install only

Previous Crew Manager Releases

Modified Files for All-in-One Event Calendar Plugin

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