How do I Get Text Messages?

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How do I Get Text Messages?

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Crew Manager normally sends messages via email, but will also send an SMS Text message to mobile phones at the same time if a Crew member desires. Content in the text messages is limited, so a link is provided in the message to open the full content.

To enable SMS Text messages, do the following.
  • Log in to the Crew Manager boat website
  • Mouse over the Crew menu end click on Edit my Profile
  • Scroll down to the section labeled Edit Profile Information where you will see a blank for the Mobile Phone - enter your number in the format 4015551212
  • In the space below labeled Mobile Phone Carrier click the dropdown and select your carrier. If your mobile phone carrier is not listed, use this contact link to email the name of the carrier so it may be added to the list
  • In the space labeled Receive SMS Text Messages in Addition to Email, check the box
  • Scroll down and click the Update Profile button
  • When the screen refreshes, click on the boat name link in the upper left to return to the website
SMS Text messages are formatted as follows:

These messages are only sent to Crew Assigned to an Event:
  • Event Reminder - Event Name, be at Location - date/time - position assigned, if assigned beverages what to bring - event link for details
  • Event Canceled - Event Name - date/time - event link for details
  • Event Results - Event Name & Date, Results - event link for details
  • New Comment on an Event - event link for details
These messages are only sent to Crew in the All Posts group:
  • New or Updated Post - Title - post link for details
  • New Comment on a Post - post link for details
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