Bug Fixed: Saving Updated Crew Assignments Removed Skipper

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Bug Fixed: Saving Updated Crew Assignments Removed Skipper

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John Brynjolfsson from TP52 Saga in San Diego reported on 9 February 2022 that when he assigned crew positions using the Skipper menu Edit Assignments by Event, his name would sometime drop off the crew list. When this was reported in early February I was not able to reproduce the problem, thus didn't know how to fix it.

On 0930 on 24 February John reported that it happened again. I was unable to reproduce this problem on any other site, so John helped troubleshoot by taking a screen shot and sending it to me with a detailed explanation on what he was doing when it occurred. Thanks to John's complete documentation of the issue, I was able to reproduce the problem, diagnose the cause and implement the fix. The fix was incorporated on all sites 4.5 hours after John made the report on 24 February.

I won't bore you with the details, but a special condition was setup when John assigned himself to a custom crew position that the software did not accommodate. This resulted in John being dropped from that event crew list. The algorithm was updated to prevent that from happening, and the software updated on all sites.
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