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You may assign that crew member the position of "stay ashore" if they previously signed up for an event and you have deleted them from the crew.

Alternatively if you have a crew member who may be invited back in the future, follow the directions to assign them to the "retired" group per this link in the Skipper's manual.]]>
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Effective 1 November 2023, this feature has been added. Skippers and Admins may access a profile for editing using the directions in the section Edit a Crew Profile. The setting listed above appear in the profile and are annotated below.


Email Signature Logo: The Email Signature Logo has a text box where the link to the logo is entered. If this is an external link it must be added manually. If it is uploaded or an existing link on the site, click the Image Chooser button. A popup window appears with tabs for Media Library (for an existing image already saved on the site), From Computer and From URL (to upload a new image and save in the media library). Make sure to click the File URL button to fill in the Link URL box, then click the Insert Into Post button.

Should it be desired to remove a logo, click the Clear Signature Logo button.

Once the desired selections are made, scroll down and click the Update Profile button. When the screen updates, the Email Signature Logo will be displayed to the left of the text box.]]>
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Effective 1 November 2023, a feature was added that allows opting out of these notifications.

Skippers and Admins may access a profile for editing using the directions in the section Edit a Crew Profile. The setting listed above appear in the profile and are annotated below.
Opt Out of Crew Manger Software Update Notifications: It is recommended that this box be left unchecked so notifications are received. The box may be checked to opt out of receiving these notifications.]]>
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I will work up something on the email status sent indication and post here with the ideas.]]>
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