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  • Bell Mobility
  • Freedom Mobile
  • Rogers Wireless
  • Saskatel Mobility
  • Telus Mobility
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My apologies as I did not see this until today. I have fixed the export format to strip the html tags.

I will look at saving the filters and get back to you on that.]]>
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The settings for both the Crew and Event reports may be saved and recalled later to easily reproduce another report. This is useful for ad-hoc reports with the ability to download a CSV file that may be read by Excel.

There is a Save button located next to the report selector. This is clicked once the report settings are set and the view has been confirmed on the screen. The blue Save Report for Reuse button located next to the report dropdown selector is clicked. This presents a popup box with a prompt to name the saved report. The report is saved when OK is clicked.

The report may be recalled using the dropdown selector. The picture below shows a sample saved report that has been loaded. Once the report is loaded, the setting may be adjusted as desired. Options are provided to update, delete, rename, or copy the report.

Custom Reports - Initial Load with Crew Report (Note Save Report for Reuse button)

Previously Saved Report shown - (Note buttons for Saved Report options)
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Enable the Hide Site Schedule & Crew Option
Crew Manager Modify Settings located in the WordPress Admin panel is accessible via the admin dashboard button Crew Manager Settings Page or Crew Manager Modify Settings screen in WordPress Admin left menu. There are radio buttons to set the various hidden / visibility options. The lower radio buttons in this section allow the Skipper to hide the schedule and crew to everyone, unless logged in. This will modify the menu and remove menu items that normally display crew and schedule information.


When this option is selected the menu is modified as annotated below. The full menu with all feature is restored when logged in.
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Here is a suggestion in another post on using your own gmail address with a modifier so it appears as a different address, but actually goes to the same account. You could create guest accounts using your own gmail address, and use the modifiers.]]>
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