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Of course I didn't RTFM, thanks for your patience.]]>
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The upcoming events sticking on the sidebar is also incorporated using the shortcode [upcoming num=X canx=Y stickday=Y] to generate the upcoming event widget for next X events, displays canceled events if canx=Y, and stickday=Y keeps all events that day displayed until midnight

It was also determined that there is no need for the report to be available for all crew. Dan has some crew who help plan, and as such may assign them Skipper rights as Helpers in the Crew Manager Modify Settings page so they may access the report from the Skipper menu.

All sites have been updated on 22 August 2021 with the feature available in Custom Reports on the Skipper Menu. The Skipper Manual has been updated in the section labeled Custom Reports & Downloading Data.

Event Report with Crew List
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